The MSCEIT is available online in the following languages through MHS, although the reports are only in English: Danish, Dutch, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Spanish. You order the “DC” version of the MSCEIT to gain access to these languages.

It may be available via paper and pencil in other languages: Arabic, Chinese, Chinese Mandarin, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese (through a distributor), Malaysian (that is how it is listed, although many languages are spoken in Malaysia), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Europe), Romanian (distributor only), Russian, Turkish, Urdu. These are all translations rather than assessments normed with native speakers of these languages. The test taker uses an answer sheet , only some of which are translated. You can then enter the responses online and generate MSCEIT scores (and a report in English). MHS has these translations.

Requests to translate the MSCEIT must go through MHS and it is a very rigorous, time-consuming process.