Research use

MSCEIT Research Use

The MSCEIT is owned and published by Multi-Health Systems, MHS, of Toronto Canada.

Each on-line MSCEIT generally costs $55 (US).  Mail-in scorings are more (US) and also require the purchase of re-usable color item booklets (about 3 for $75 US).  (Please note that these prices do change periodically and that these are just estimates.)

Happily, MHS offers researchers a significant discount. Rather than $55 US they charge something like $10 US per subject for online MSCEITs (as of the end of 2013; they raise prices each year) – however, you could also enter data from paper and pencil tests on-line to get the same results.  In turn, they score the tests and e-mail you a data file in Excel with all of the data – raw scores included.  This is a huge time-saver and also reduces data entry errors to 0. You do not get a report with this option, so keep that in mind. (Prices change!)

If you teach, also ask MHS for an educator’s discount on other materials which ranges from 10% to perhaps as much as 30% depending on quantities.

Please note that MHS does not release a scoring key for the MSCEIT.

NOTE: People ask us all the time about getting the MSCEIT for their research, thesis, or dissertation. We had to assign copyright to the publisher and so even though we developed the MSCEIT, the publisher owns all rights. This is typical in test publishing. Why did we do it? After years of distributing the pre-cursor to the MSCEIT on my own, I just could not do it anymore. Plus, MHS was a big help in norming the MSCEIT and they have the support and technical resources to deliver the assessment. Technology has changed since 1998, and so, we might not do it the same way again, but this is the nature of assessment publishing.