Are you a researcher? Working on your dissertation? If so, I recommend heading to Jack Mayer’s website for resources. However, also keep the following in mind:
-Make sure your hypotheses are clear. That is, consider what EI should predict. The answer is not “everything”! Focus on long-term quality relationships, engagement, and how a leader works rather than what they accomplish.
-Include Big 5 and IQ proxies (e.g., SAT scores, education level) in your design. Self-report scales have huge overlap with personality.
-I prefer the expert scoring over general consensus.

Our best overview was published several years back in the American Psychologist (2008). I like this article and suggest you start here and then scan Jack’s comprehensive website or Google Scholar for more information.


Certification – researchers have attended our MSCEIT course to help them with hypothesis-generation and to learn more about the model.
Example Items – one per ability.
MSCEIT Reports – brief explanation of 4 report options.
Client Instructions – the KEY to successful administration.
FAQs – EI and the MSCEIT.
Translations – Take MSCEIT in a few languages. (Report in English.)
Research Use – info for researchers.
Notes to researchers – a few tips.
Psychometrics – and info on scoring.

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