>Where we’ve been

We have been quite fortunate in our work as we have met some terrific people from many parts of the world.  Here are some of the places we have been.

December 2019: continuing work with the Coast Guard Academy. Developing a brief intro to EI for managerial training at Yale. And prepping materials for our March MSCEIT / EI Skills training session.

September 2019:  an excellent, 4-person MSCEIT certification class in London. A visit to the US Coast Guard Academy.

July 2019:  conference on EI in Perth Australia – www.icei2019.com. I really did not want to go – it’s a long trip and mid-winter in Perth but this was one of the best and most productive experiences ever.

June 2019: planning meeting at the cool TWA Hotel at JFK.

April 2019: presentation in Samara Russia.

SEPT 2017: speaker at Yale School of Medicine new faculty orientation. Then to Florence for a 2-day MSCEIT course and speaking at a conference.

AUGUST 2017: Yikes, so much for staying current. This calendar year saw three trips to the UK, one for pure fun. September in Florence is something to look forward to. Although I’ve not updated this page in some time, the time was spent, in part, on a little book for leaders written with Lisa Rees. Sending the manuscript and proposal around and hoping for some interest from an agent or publisher.

MAY 2016: Tokyo and Kyoto was a pretty good trip – meetings and presentations. Also, a great fast food lunch in Tokyo station.

MARCH-APRIL 2016: Been to Beijing, LA, Dublin, Amsterdam. Workshops, presentations and a book launch.

JAN 2016: To Google NYC to observe a coaching course. Heading to Mountain View to run a workshop.

DEC 2015: Training at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Rest of 2015: lots and lots of good things.

DECEMBER 2014: Moscow. 2 days of train the trainer and an all-day leadership development session in (somewhat) snowy and beautiful Moscow. Big thanks to Elena and Tatiana (and to Andrew as well).

NOVEMBER 2014: University of Rochester Medical Center. HR training session, leadership development, CEO team meeting. A world-class organization.

OCTOBER 2014: A whirlwind trip to Madrid, Valencia, Santiago, A Coruna.

JULY 2014: MHS – Toronto

JUNE 2014: World Economic Forum in Geneva and then to Google’s London office.

MAY 2014: Google NYC.

APRIL 2014: Google Mountain View; Wharton – Philadelphia; Loyola Marymount University – LA.

MARCH 2014
>Riyadh Saudi Arabia — teach EI at Princess Nora University and a workshop for the Ministry of Agriculture. What an amazing trip! (Photo 1 is the Minister and photo 2 is a lunch break.)

>Back to Google (twice)

>Session with pulmonary medicine docs.
>Florence: workshop, lab party!, dinner talk.
>Lausanne: 2-day MSCEIT Certification at IMD

>Visit to Google, Mountain View California. Propose training for one of their divisions.
>One-day EI workshop at AIG in lower Manhattan.

View from the 17th floor

View from the 17th floor






-Visit to Google, NYC to discuss training.

HR ConferenceSept 2013

Lima Peru

All-day event — I had 3 hours – to present to HR professionals and leaders. One of the best panels I’ve heard followed along with a great professor from ESADE.
MSCEIT Certification Sept 2013

Lima Peru

You were a demanding group! But it was a wonderful experience, great accomplishments by all of us. Look forward to another course with you.
International Society for EI Sept 2013


Sorry I had to leave early. Fun group! As participants will attest, I can sing, but I can’t dance.
MSCEIT Certification August 2013

New Haven

Three wonderful days. I learned a lot thanks to you and hope you all found the experience worthwhile.
EI in the Workplace ConferenceMay 2013


Great conference at Ashridge. Wonderful place, interesting talks.
EI WorkshopMay 2013


2-day MSCEIT course for faculty at Ashridge Business School.
EI WorkshopMay 2013


PER Lab hosted me for a 1-day hands-on EI training event. Co-facilitated by founder Laura Artusio, PhD, this was a fabulous and fund event. They sold out!
EI ConferenceMay 2013


PER Lab – our Italian colleagues – held a one day conference attended by about 150 people. Another incredible venue, lots of interest.
Smart Cities ConferenceMay 2013


Spoke at an EU conference on Smart Cities and Universities. Mostly engineers so my view was a bit different. Held at Palazzo Vecchio.
Wharton Leadership FellowsMarch 2013

Blue Bell PA

40 leadership fellows – spent Friday evening and all day Saturday on EI, their MSCEIT results, and skill practice.
Wharton Leadership StaffMarch 2013

Philadelphia PA

Group session on EI and MSCEIT followed up by 1-on-1 MSCEIT feedback.
MSCEIT Certification March 2013

New Haven

No group photo! I just forgot, but here is one breakout session. THANKS to all of you.
MSCEIT Certification August 2012

New Haven

I was honored to have such an amazing group attend this class.
Personal developmentJuly 2012

Nehalem, OR

Lots of analogies here, but my 1-week skin on frame kayak building workshop run by Brian Schulz, master craftsman, taught me a ton! Search for Cape Falcon Kayaks.
MSCEIT CertificationJune 2012

Fond du Lac, WI

Back to Moraine Park Technical College to certify a group of academic deans. They helped me re-formulate the client feedback process which I will use in my next public workshop! Thanks!
EI WorkshopMay 2012

Hamden, CT


A morning training session for 30 faculty in allied health services at Quinnipiac University.
EI WorkshopMay 2012

Atlantic City,


Fabulous session with 190 physicians.
EI WorkshopMar 2012

Blue Bell, PA

March 2012

Group of Wharton leadership fellows for MSCEIT feedback and a full day of skills training. Motivated, smart and a really decent bunch of people. Thanks.
MSCEIT Certification Mar 2012

New Haven

We forgot to get a picture! But, we will create a Linked In page with this group and invite others. You were a delightful group, thanks so much.
EI Conference Mar 2012

Alba Italy

About 300 people attended the conference in the north of Italy. Great reception, well treated by wonderful hosts. This was a dinner for the speakers.
EI Conference Mar  2012

Florence Italy

They had 700 people attend a 1-day conference at the University of Florence. Gave one of the main keynotes.
MSCEIT Workshop Mar 2012

Florence Italy

Wow. People from Switzerland, UK, US, Ghana and Italy.
Workshop Feb 2012

Carlisle PA

Workshop with members of US Army health clinic in Carlise PA. One of the more positive groups in terms of emotional climate. Then, 1-on-1 MSCEIT feedback.
Keynote and seminar October 2011

St Petersburg Russia

Keynote at a conference followed by a 3-hour leadership development seminar. Had a fabulous visit. Went to the opera, Peterhof and Hermitage. Dinner with EQuator group.
Retreat Center Board of Advisers September  2011

Old Stone Farm

250 acres in upstate NY. An amazing place being developed from the ground up.
MSCEIT Certification and EI Workshop August 2011

Yale University

What a lovely group! Susan and I had a great time with them and we look forward to staying in touch.
EI Leadership EvaluationJune/July 2011

Norwich University

Helping the University to evaluate its EI-based student leadership development program.
MSCEIT Certification and EI Workshop May2011

Moraine Park Technical College, Wisconsin

OD professionals got certified in the MSCEIT and we ran a 1-day training course that they will adapt for their staff. Worked well, very insightful group. Picture of lighthouse in Fond du Lac.
EI Workshop April 2011

Loyola University, New Orleans

MBA students attended an all-day course on Saturday. Good group, great city, glad to go back.
EI Presentation March 25 2011

University of Barcelona

About 100 masters students attended this 2 hour master class. It was a Friday evening and needed a high energy approach – which we did. (With colleague Laura Mari.)
EI Keynote March 24 2011

University of Lleida

500+ people attended this conference. Also see segre.com and search for my name for a newspaper article and TV interview!
EI Workshop March 23 2011


No photo of the event for CIOs from the area (yet).
EI Workshop March 18-19 2011


40 leadership fellows gathered for two days to learn about EI and develop their skills. Super motivated and engaged.
MSCEIT Workshop March 2011

New Haven

Wow! I learned a lot with this group. Thanks. Also had a wonderful group dinner – probably the highlight of the 3 days.
MSCEIT Workshop/ EI Training & TalksFeb 2011

Manila Philippines

Although it took 22 hours to fly there, it was well worth it. Did a certification, one day workshop and exec briefings. A bit exhausted upon getting home but preparing for next week’s session in CT.
MSCEIT WorkshopJanuary 2011

Edmonton Canada

MSCEIT certification workshop along with a 1-day workshop. Great city, though it was -10 F.
EI Keynote and MSCEIT Workshop November 2010

Sydney Australia

MSCEIT certification workshop and a keynote. Here, a photo with sponsor Dr David Rosete and colleague Marc Brackett. See Sydney Harbour Bridge in background.
EI KeynoteOctober 2010

Osaka Japan

Half-day session on EI for HR and business leaders.
EI PresentationOctober 2010

Busan Korea

In and out of Korea (the southern-most part of South Korea) within 24 hours to present to educators and professors.
EI KeynoteOctober 2010

Tokyo Japan

First of three presentations. I know this is not the conference venue but we had a day off and went to Kamakura and Hase.
CNBC InterviewJuly 2010

New York

My first experience with live TV interviewing – and it shows. Got to talk about an NBA team owner’s emotional outburst.
Yale School of Public Health June 2010

New Haven

A professional development workshop for alumni of the School of Public Health.
MSCEIT CertificationMay 2010


Got there – and back – in spite of the ash cloud! Ended up being a really excellent two-day session.
Speech, workshop, web castApril 2010

Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre Brazil

3 events in two days, in two cities. Spoke to a national quality group (FNQ), group of CxO’s and an organization development association (CENEX).
MSCEIT Train the Trainer SessionApril 2010

First time offered (Copenhagen)

I certified the first group of TTTs in the MSCEIT!
MSCEIT – EI SessionMar 2010

3-day course

We continue to be amazd by the people we meet. Thank you for attending! (Held in New Haven, not ancient Rome!)
Keynote SpeechNov 2009

Yale Alumni Fund

150+ alumni attended a session on emotional intelligence. 75 minutes, high-energy and engaging.
Keynote SpeechSep 2009

Santander Spain

Big EI conference sponsored by Botin Foundation.
3-Day MSCEIT CourseSep/Oct 2009


Susan ran a 3-day course at the university. (Who is that on the far left?)
2-Day MSCEIT CourseSep 2009


14 HR/OD professionals attended.
3-Day MSCEIT CourseAug 2009

Yale course

A very sophisticated group of professionals attended this session.
2-Day MSCEIT CourseJuly 2009

Toronto course

Right after the MHS conference.
LectureJune 2009

Overview of EI and leadership

90-min session for Yale School of Management client.
MSCEIT CertificationMay 2009

Special 2-day course

6 experienced professionals attended a MSCEIT-only certification program over Mother’s Day weekend.
U-WisconsinMay 2009

Keynotes and training

Two keynotes – EI and personality- and two training seminars to 250 crime lab managers.
FranceApril 2009

5-day leadership course

EI was part of a 5-day course in Bordeaux held by Yale SOM. Managers received MSCEIT feedback and hands-on application of these skills.
WhartonMarch 2009

2-days leadership training

Emotionally agile leaders of the future!
New HavenMarch 2009

3-Day Certification

Some new material and an excellent 3-day experience.
Worcester MAFeb 2009

Conference Talk

A concurrent session to NEHRA on “Managing in Challenging Times”.
San FranciscoJan 2009

Conference Talk

Talk to business school program directors on “EI: A Hard Approach to Measuring Soft Skills”.
UKJan 2009


Discussion group with 20 b-school leaders on the qualities they want in their students and graduates.
DublinNov 2008

 Leadership Course

Susan co-facilitated an intensive, week-long leadership development course in Dublin Ireland.
New HavenAug 2008

3-day MSCEIT

Susan and I loved this session and we think that our participants did as well. One of the best parts of our MSCEIT/EI courses is the informal group  interaction.
ChicagoJuly 2008

2-day MSCEIT

Workshop was held after the MHS conference in Chicago. Conference was fun, and we were able to get a lot accomplished in a 2-day MSCEIT course.
LondonMay 2008

2-day MSCEIT

Susan ran a course for coaches at the London Business School.
ChicagoApril & May 2008

Four-week EI course for MBA students

We designed and taught a course to 2nd year MBA students. Classes met 6 hours a week. Very challenging group, pushed our limits, but we adapted and developed some great new stuff!
New HavenMarch 2008

MSCEIT and EI  Workshop

Our eclectic group in front of Sterling Memorial Library. They hailed from China, Brazil, Canada and the US. Thank you for a terrific 3 days!
Cambridge EnglandNovember 2007

MSCEIT and EI  Workshop

Excellent 3-day course. Fantastic town and a talented group.
New HavenAugust 2007

4-Day MSCEIT and EI  Workshop

Our first-ever train the trainer for teaching EI skills! Wonderful, motivated group of participants.
SingaporeJuly 2007

2-Day Course and Training Workshop

Medical school department at National University.
Vilnius LithuaniaMay 2007


A terrific group of people and a wonderful trip.
New York CityApril 2007

EI Training

2 days of training went extremely well.
New HavenMarch 2007

MSCEIT Session

A certification workshop with a group of very motivated and fun people.
LondonJan 2007



Skills Training

We will schedule two sessions in the UK each year.
TacomaDec 2006 Leadership Seminar Presentations to top management team.
WashingtonDCNov 2006 2-Day EI and Leadership Seminar Front-line managers learn EI skills.
SeattleOct 2006 MSCEIT & EI Skills Session A powerful and talented group!
Santa AnaCALIFORNIAAug 2006 2-Day Emotions and Leadership Seminar Line managers learned about their own EI abilities, how to develop EI skills, and apply these skills.
MagdeburgGERMANYSep 2006 Keynote atSALUS-Institut An excellent group of researchers.
BangaloreINDIAAug 2006 EI Skills training atWipro Truly dedicated group of training professionals. An amazing trip.
Yale UniversityNew HavenAug 2006 MSCEIT CourseEI Skill Building This was a high-energy group. Great questions, excellent interaction. Thanks!
Alliant University FRESNO June 2006 TalkSeminar Alliant has some very good psych programs in place. The Fresno group was great.
SEATTLEMay 2006 MSCEIT CourseEI Skill Building Susan trained a small dedicated group of professionals in Seattle.
Montreaux SWITZERLANDJan 2006 The Emotionally Intelligent Manager for UBS A 1-hour keynote, complete with a back-up band. This is where I met mime extraordinaire Carlos Martinez.
ATLANTAOct 2005 SHRM Brian and Susan at our EI Skills booth.
DUBAISep 2005 Leadership Seminar Incredible experience in Dubai.
BOSTON Keynote Speech I think this was a local NEHRA event.
Melbourne, SydneyAUSTRALIA Keynotes, talks, MSCEIT, team effectiveness Loved this trip, sponsored by Psychological Assessments Australia.
TokyoJAPAN Keynotes, leadership development, MSCEIT Tohru Watanabe and me in Tokyo.
San SebastianSPAIN Organizational effectiveness and EI In Basques country, northern Spain.