MSCEIT Youth Research Version

Finally! After a very long time I am really pleased to announce that the MSCEIT Youth Research Version (YRV) is now available. The key features of the YRV are:

• A performance-based assessment for youths aged 10
to 18 years
• Available through online or paper administration
• A general completion time of approximately 20–30
• A total emotional intelligence score (Total EIQ), two
area subscores of emotional intelligence (Experiential
EIQ and Strategic EIQ), and four branch scores
of emotional intelligence (Perceiving Emotions,
Facilitating Thought, Understanding Emotions, and
Managing Emotions)
• A normative sample of 1,000 youths
• A scored dataset in Excel spreadsheet format providing
MSCEIT–YRV results ready for data analysis
• Veridical scoring that provides a cutting-edge method
of evaluating correct scores on the test