MSCEIT Virtual Certification January 21-22 2021

Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)
Virtual Certification Course January 21-22 2021
David R. Caruso
Emotional Intelligence Skills Group

About MSCEIT: The MSCEIT is an ability measure of emotional intelligence. It consists of 141 questions with 8 different types of items.  The MSCEIT is currently being revised. We anticipate the new version being available Summer/Fall of 2021.  If you are certified on the existing version, you will be certified on the new version and will not need to be re-certified. You will have access to the new certification materials. The existing version used in certification will also be available for use through 2021. Report prices vary – the Resource Report is about 60 USD.

About Certification: Test publishers provide certification for their assessments, and in the case of MSCEIT, Multi-Health Systems (MHS), is the publisher. MHS requires everyone to be certified to be able to purchase the MSCEIT.  I developed the certification course content and together with a colleague provide certification training.

Certification Pre-Work: There are three steps to complete before moving to certification content.
MSCEIT Online Prework: Watch three videos (each about 10-15 minutes).
Take the MSCEIT: About 30-45 minutes.
Your MSCEIT Feedback: Once you take the MSCEIT, a MSCEIT certified person will give you feedback and will e-mail your MSCEIT report after the feedback session. The session takes 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes. Remember to give us adequate lead time to schedule time with you before the workshop begins (feedback is built into one-on-one certification).

Times: I am on the east coast of the US and our start and stop times will be a function of the time zones of participants. The test publisher requires a certain number of hours of instructional time so expect to have two, 8.5 hour days from start to finish to allow for breaks.

Materials: You will receive a link to the certification materials and we use Zoom for the training itself. A 50-item multiple choice exam is given afterwards to ensure you “got” the content and then your certificate is issued.

Follow-Up Support: We will stay in touch with you as you use the MSCEIT and will be available for consultation.

Fees: Certification fee is 2295 USD per person. We reduce the fee for a virtual course to 2095 USD (you print all materials).

Email me: with your reason for participating and if our course can meet your needs I can invoice you — 

More Information:
-Short video about the MSCEIT here (ICF credits not applicable)
-To better understand the differences between EI and EQ please watch this short video
-How are you?” A powerful question – when asked the right way.
-Match emotions to the task Match Emotions video
-Reading people – “Reading people” video