MSCEIT Reports

Personal Summary Report: about 12 pages, this report provides all the information you need on MSCEIT scores. The first report we wrote, it does not include recommendations.

Resource Report: a more detailed report running 20-22 pages, it may include 1 or 2 suggestions and a lot of detail on the abilities and the 8 MSCEIT tasks. Results are reported as a range: improve, consider developing, competent, skilled, expert. The last page includes standard scores and the suggestion is to remove it before giving the report to the client.

Management Report: available only if MSCEIT taken in English, this is a brief report which uses the language of business and presented only a total score range and 4 ability score ranges. By “range”, I mean that there are no numerical scores.

Leadership Report: this is a custom report developed by, and available only from, EI Skills Group. I really, really like this report. It explains EI and its importance in the workplace.It may include custom recommendations and always includes a list of action items to consider. The report can be customized with an organization’s name, logo, etc. The report is currently only available to EI Skills Group certified professionals but contact me if interested in learning more. (It is generated by me from your Excel datafile, or data are entered manually from the Personal Summary or Resource reports.)