Leader’s Guide to EI – new book!


About This Book: This book teaches four emotional intelligence skills to help you acquire accurate emotional data, leverage emotions to make better decisions, understand the underlying causes of emotions and manage emotions effectively.  In this ability model, emotional intelligence is defined as an intelligence and describes a set of hard—not soft—skills.  In part one of the book you learn how to develop your four emotional intelligence skills: Map Emotions, Match Emotions, understand the Meaning of Emotions and Move Emotions.

We then examine almost two dozen specific leadership challenges and provide you with a set of emotional intelligence “blueprints” to successfully address these challenges using the four emotional intelligence skills.

Authors: The authors combine decades of practical leadership experience with research on emotional intelligence, coaching and teaching emotional intelligence to thousands of professionals around the world. David R. Caruso, Ph.D. Co-author of Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, Research Affiliate at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Lisa T. Rees, ACC, MPA. Owner of LTR Leadership and leadership coach for government executives at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Contact: blueprint@eiskills.com.

Details: 105 pages, 6” x 9” softcover.

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