>Upcoming events

Sept 2017: MSCEIT course in Florence!
Mar 2015: MSCEIT Certification course in New Haven!
Jan 2015: off to Mumbai for a lecture and all-day training workshop.
Dec 2014: Moscow bound! 3 days of training.
Nov 2014:
Session on EI and leadership for Nigeria Leadership Institute, Yale University.
Nov 2014: University of Rochester Medical Center – staff, faculty, leadership group.
Oct 2014: Events in Madrid, Valencia, Santiago, A Coruna Spain. (See http://aecop.net/es).
Oct 2014:
Western Michigan University medical school workshops, grand rounds. EI and PI with Jack Mayer.
Oct 2014:
Coaching with EI, Google NYC.
Oct 2014:
Yale World Fellows workshop on EI.
Sept 2014:
Enhance Career Success with EI: Yale School of Medicine.
August 2013 MSCEIT/EI course