Explaining MSCEIT to Clients

“FRAMING” THE MSCEIT WITH CLIENTS – Early on, some of my clients had negative reactions to taking the MSCEIT as the test is so very different. Since I began providing test takers with an introductory paragraph for the MSCEIT, this problem is basically non-existent. The solution was to include the following in the test instructions.

MSCEIT questions are “different”, so it’s important to understand how the test works before you take it.

First, there are better and worse answers on the MSCEIT. In other words, there are right and wrong answers – you may receive partial credit for some answers.

Second, MSCEIT questions do not ask for your personal reaction. You need to select the most effective strategies for getting desired results or the most correct answers.

Third, some MSCEIT questions may not seem relevant to the work you do. The experience of taking the MSCEIT will likely be different than the experience of taking other tests.

Fourth, the MSCEIT is measuring emotional skills in an objective, but indirect way. Research has shown that scores on the MSCEIT are related to certain aspects of real-world performance.

Lastly, we offer explanatory help screens for each of the 8 sections of the MSCEIT. These help screens explain the basis of each section.  Click HERE for help. (Link available to EI Skills professionals.)

Timing: The MSCEIT consists of 8 different sections, which require a total of about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. (Take the MSCEIT in your first language, if available.)