EI for Schools – training

Interested in teaching teachers about EI?  Looking for EI training for your students? Want RULER training?  The basic building blocks, or anchors, of this program come from the Mayer-Salovey ability model of EI. David Caruso is a co-author of the RULER “anchors” training.

We have a new book on how educators can apply EI to classrooms and to schools.





Principles- We start our training by listing inviolable aspects of training which include confidentiality, anchors-of-emotional-intelligence-ruler.jpgexperience, and opting out. The Charter – one of the 4 anchors of emotional literacy in RULER – combines these elements. In our training, we also ask people what they can do to stay engaged and what they need from us to get the most from the training.

Mood Meter- Based on the Affect Grid, the Mood Meter was introduced in our training years ago and was featured in our book The Emotionally Intelligent Manager. I recently changed Mood Meter to Mood Map reflecting the visual more accurately.

Intervening Moment- We’ve trained emotion management strategies for more than a decade and speak about Preventative and Responsive strategies, as well as an Intervening Moment. Colleague Robin Stern enhanced the approach to create a “Meta Moment” where one visualizes a ‘best self’. It’s a terrific idea. Our focus is on various immediate strategies you can engage in.

Blueprint- The EI Blueprint was introduced about two decade ago in our corporate training and is featured in The Emotionally Intelligent Manager.

Ruler Model: Info on how the Mayer-Salovey ability model was adapted to create the Ruler model is HERE.

Important Note: Our training will not certify you in this model. It is designed for educational professionals as an in-service, a workshop or a seminar.