About Us

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EI) SKILLS GROUP: EI Skills Group was founded about 2004 when Brian Bienn, a psychologist, attended a training course and proposed that he join forces with David Caruso (that’s me, the webmaster for this site). I readily agreed to the proposal. Brian is a skilled professional with vast I/O experience. However, we needed a more applied focus and when Susan Kornacki attended the next workshop I asked her if she would like to join us as a co-founder. Fortunately, she agreed. Susan is a fabulous trainer and has taught me a lot. We don’t get to work a lot together after she moved to Hawaii. More recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Laura Artusio, a psychologist from Florence.  Laura did her PhD on EI and founded a lab that does research and training on EI.  Lisa Rees, a long-service government manager who recently took on a new role as special assistant to the deputy director of field operations at USCIS where she oversees leadership development, has come on board to co-facilitate MSCEIT training and EI sessions with me, but can now certify people on her own.

That is the group in “EI Skills Group”. They are skilled professionals, but also, caring and compassionate people who demonstrate EI skills each and every day. I am truly grateful to them.The best aspect of doing this work is the people I get to meet — including my wonderful colleagues and you.