Certification Aug 2018 & March 2019

August 16-17 2018 We are running a 2-day course so email us if you are interested. The 2-days focus on MSCEIT with less time on training. MORE INFO. 

March 2019 – our annual 3-day course. (Create your own: gather 4 people for US, 6 for Europe, 8 elsewhere to schedule a custom 2-day MSCEIT certification course.)  Specific dates likely to be in the 3rd week of March.

MSCEIT 3-Day Certification Course and Emotional Intelligence Workshop Intensive – New Haven Connecticut, USA. 

We are pleased to announce that we are offering the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) Certification Course and Workshop once again in New Haven CT on the campus of Yale University (see below for disclosure).

The intensive will be co-facilitated by David Caruso, co-creator of the MSCEIT, owner of EI Skills Group and a world-renowned expert in emotional intelligence and his colleague Lisa Rees, owner of LTR Leadership and a Leadership Coach with the Department of Homeland Security who specializes in EI.

After completing the intensive you will be positioned to purchase and administer the MSCEIT and have the confidence to provide coaching  related to EI. The intensive has other exciting components as well:

  • Online Pre-Work: Online pre-work allows you to learn the history, psychometrics and basic MSCEIT interpretation at your own pace. This also allows us to focus our valuable in-class time on MSCEIT interpretation and feedback.
  • One-on-One MSCEIT Feedback: You will have the opportunity to take the MSCEIT prior to the course and receive a 1-hour feedback session with David and/or Lisa. You will use this feedback to help deepen your learning during the course.
  • In-Person Course: We believe that the best way to learn is in person and you will play an integral role in this course. Over three days we will meet as a cohort to thoroughly learn the MSCEIT, practice giving feedback, participate in EI exercises, and learn how to deliver emotional intelligence training and coaching in a way that meets your needs.

What You Get:

  • Support AFTER the Course: After the course, you administer the MSCEIT to someone, analyze it, and send the analysis to us. We will comment, provide feedback, and help you hone your skills for the best results.
  • Materials: You’ll receive a complete set of workshop slides, a copy of A Leader’s Guide to EI (Caruso & Rees), a MSCEIT Feedback Guide, and MSCEIT Client Feedback Slides.
  • Post-Workshop Follow-Up: In addition, you’ll get post-workshop personal support from us as you develop your MSCEIT interpretation skills.
  • Dinner Social: Join us as our guests for dinner on the night after the first day of the workshop. Purely optional, but always fun.

Who Should Attend?

  • Coaches (and get ICF continuing ed credit!)
  • Business Consultants
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Corporate Trainers
  • PhD Students (conducting research on EI)
  • Researchers
  • Professors including EI in courses
  • Teachers
  • Mediators

Looking forward to working with you!

-David and Lisa

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Workshop fee: $2995 USD (student discount available).

Travel, hotel info is HERE.

Disclosure: The University does not sponsor the course.